Terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the Purchase and Sale Contract between ADRIS NAUTIC d.o.o. and the Buyer - crew.

Payment by internet banking to our bank account:
PIN: 18711192663
REG. NO.: 04017820
IBAN: HR2123400091110790598

After you make the payment you will receive an automatic confirmation of reservation of the vessel, service and accompanying and additional equipment, including the equipment for water sports.

The system supports payments by cards:

The rent of the vessel and service in the web shop can be reserved by paying via the following credit cards: American Express, Visa, Master Card, Maestro, one-time.

In the sense of these terms of purchase, the Buyer is a physical person which rents the vessel and service on the web page of the aforementioned company for renting www.adrisnautic.hr (hereinafter: web shop, Adris Nautic, Charter or renter).

The customer is considered to be any person who reserves at least one vessel and service, fills in the required form and pays the indicated reservation of the vessel and service for the exact term and period of rent.

The crew is considered to be the person and/or persons to whom the vessel is supplied or rented and may be different from the customer.
The maximum and minimum number of crew is indicated on the data form.

The SELLER/CHARTER is the provider of the vessel rent service and can be a broker in the rental of vessel and service with legal and/or physical persons.

ADRIS NAUTIC D.O.O. with seat at TRG HRVATSKE BRATSKE ZEJDENICE 2, 21000 SPLIT / CROATIA / EUROPE, PIN: 18711192663, IBAN: HR2123400091110790598, SWIFT: PBZGHR2X
(hereinafter: the Seller/Charter).

By accepting the Terms and Conditions, the Buyer declares that all the information he/she has provided are true and complete, that he/she has the legal capacity and that there are no known obstacles for the rental of the boat and service from the Seller, i.e. for making a reservation via the web shop.

By visiting and using the adrisnautic.hr web shop you accept the means of electronic communication. By doing so, you accept that all agreements, notifications and other content provided to you by electronic means have met the legal frameworks as if they were made in graphic written form.

If the visitor or user does not have an email address or provides an incorrect email address, or due to technical reasons cannot receive an e-mail, the Seller is not obliged to otherwise try to inform the user about the order or any other details related to reservation, payment, refund, complaints etc.

The Buyer pays the amount of reservation on the web site, while the rest is paid when embarking the vessel (the exact amount indicated on the Seller’s web site).
The Buyer pays extra costs in cash upon completion of the rental of vessel and service.

All prices indicated in the web shop are quoted in Croatian kunas for the final customer.
The cost of the sojourn tax is included in the price.

When reserving the vessel and service on web site www.adrisnautic.hr, the Buyers pays the indicated amount of reservation by card, and the rest of the amount is paid in cash at embarkation.

PROMOTIONAL PRICES are valid only at the time of promotion and are shown in the web shop as well as on the Voucher after the payment of reservation of the vessel and service.

The vessel and service are reserved by paying the exact amount indicated and visible when selecting the vessel and service on web site www.adrisnautic.hr by using the menu and filling out the electronic form.

The Buyer can reserve the vessel and service as a registered or as an unregistered user.

The rented vessel and service are considered reserved when the Buyer passes the whole order procedure, i.e. pays the reservation of vessel and service.

Payment of ordered products can be done by:
E-banking, online by cards American Express, Visa, Master Card, Maestro, one-time.

In the case of payment by e-banking, at the moment when Adris Nautic d.o.o. electronically receives the reservation.

At the moment when reservation is received, the Seller will inform the Buyer via email/written proof/Voucher that the reservation has been received or that the vessel and the service are reserved.

WRITTEN PROOF/Voucher contains:
The number of reservation, the number of transaction, Buyer’s contact, indicated number of crew, date of vessel and service rent with exact time of check-in and check-out, precise location of embarkation and disembarkation, skipper’s contact, service provider’s contact, list of additional equipment and services.

In the case of payment by e-banking, the contract is considered concluded at the moment when Adris Nautic d.o.o. receives the confirmation that the amount of reservation is paid.

If the vessel and service are reserved, and e-banking selected as the method of payment, Adris Nautic d.o.o. undertakes to reserve and prepare the vessel and service as stated in the offer on the web site www.adrisnautic.hr, exactly indicated on the Voucher.

Adris Nautic d.o.o. guarantees the availability of the vessel and service at the reservation (100% safe reservation).

If, in exceptional circumstances, the reserved vessel and service are not available and/or are partially available due to an extraordinary situation, the resulting situation will be resolved in agreement with the Buyer, in an amicable fashion, acceptable to both parties, and Adris Nautic d.o.o. will notify the Buyer of such a situation.

Adris Nautic d.o.o. warrants that the reserved vessel and service comply with all legally prescribed conditions of the Republic of Croatia related to proper operation of the vessel and equipment, the safety of crew and vessel, and with statutory regulations for renting vessels.


ADRIS NAUTIC applies the latest standards in data protection – Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with 128-bit data encryption and MD5 algorithm.
The ISO 8583 protocol ensures that the data exchange between ADRIS NAUTIC systems and credit card authorization centres is carried out in a private network, which is protected from unauthorized access by a dual layer firewall.

Search for safe internet shopping tips here (3d secure tips for safe internet shopping).

Web site www.adrisnautic.hr indicates the duration of vessel and service rental; 1-day rental, 2-day rental, 3-day rental, 4-day rental, 5-day rental and 7-day rental, which can be reserved on Adris Nautic d.o.o. web shop.

By selecting the vessel and service with the indicated duration of rental, the Buyer is obliged to precisely follow the sequence and method of reservation.

By selecting the beginning of vessel and service rental on the calendar, the automatic system will indicate the exact time of check-in and check-out for the vessel and service rental.

Next, the Buyer is required to choose the exact number of crew on board the vessel. If there is a difference between the number of crew on the day of rental or in the duration of rental, the Buyer is obliged to notify the skipper and/or company Adris Nautic d.o.o. In this case, the final rental price may be changed.

The amount of reservation of vessel and service and the rental final price are indicated on the web site and on the Voucher.

When reserving the vessel, the Buyer pays the indicated amount of reservation, which may vary depending on the period selected, the number of crew or the cruise route.

The final price of vessel and service rental will be reduced by the amount of reservation of the vessel and service.

The remaining payment is made upon arrival at the vessel in cash or by card payment if the vessel owns a POS terminal for card payments.

When making the reservation, items included and not included in the rental price are indicated.


Be sure to read the FAQ for better understanding of the Terms and Conditions.
FAQ refer to questions regarding reservation and rental of the vessel and service.

If the Buyer and/or crew and/or part of the crew do not arrive at the indicated time of embarkation, the skipper is obliged to wait for the above-mentioned person(s).
The time of waiting for embarkation of the whole crew lasts at least until the beginning of calculation of mooring fee, until 14:00 hours.
Embarkation after 14:00 hours is charged to the Buyer as an extra cost at the tariff of the port of embarkation.

The Buyer and crew on board the vessel are obliged to use the vessel and complete equipment of the vessel with due care.
The Buyer and/or crew and/or part of the crew will be obliged to pay any possible damages caused by their negligence or ignorance in the total amount determined by the skipper or servicer.
The Buyer and/or crew are obliged to pay the amount of damage before the finish of vessel and service rental.

The skipper is obliged to point out to the Buyer and/or member of the crew the possibility of extra costs not included in the rental costs, resulting from the Buyer's and/or crew member’s and/or skipper’s decision and/or act of God and/or inadequate weather forecast, all for the purpose of protecting the persons and safety of navigation.
The Buyer bears the extra costs of vessel and service rental in full.
The extra costs are mooring fees in marinas, ports, anchorages, consumption of fuel over 3 hours a day, tickets to national and nature parks.

Adris Nautic d.o.o. is not liable in case the Buyer fails to fulfil the maximum duration of rental due to personal choice or organization of journey with third persons.
If the duration of rental is shortened, Adris Nautic d.o.o. is not liable for refund or reduction of the final amount of rental.

Adris Nautic d.o.o. is not responsible if the Buyer does not receive notification of changes to the reservation status of the vessel and service due to the customer's email service settings.

The Buyer and crew members are obliged to hand over valid documents to the skipper for inspection at embarkation. For this purpose, the skipper will register the persons in the e-crew system for documentation of the crew in the crew list system.

In exceptional situations such as inaccurate weather forecasts and/or other exceptional situations, the skipper decides whether to take the selected route, all in the interest of protecting the safety of navigation and crew on board the vessel.

Adris Nautic d.o.o. is not liable for bodily injury or other types of loss and/or damage of material items and/or non-material items in the entire duration of vessel and service rental.

The Buyer and/or crew is liable for all damages, losses and/or negligent behaviour and acts against all crew members and property of Adris Nautic d.o.o. or personal property of the skipper resulting from deliberate and/or unintended behaviour and acts.

The Buyer and crew assume responsibility for their stay on board the vessel.
The Buyer and crew are obliged to listen to the skipper’s instructions on behaviour on board the vessel during the cruise as well as when the vessel is at rest.
If the Buyer and/or crew and/or part of the crew refuse to adhere to the skipper’s instructions and thereby put themselves or the vessel at risk, the skipper can remove that person from the vessel to the nearest port.

Children on board the vessel as the sole responsibility of parents, guardians or other responsible persons.
The vessel is not adequate for people with limited mobility.

The vessel with all equipment and accessories for water sports is delivered to the Buyer in the correct technical condition and without noticeable damage.

We kindly ask the Buyer and/or crew to contact the skipper if they see any damage to the vessel or equipment which is rented as a vessel equipment.
Adris Nautic d.o.o. is not liable for material defects of the products rented via its pages in accordance with the positive regulations of the Republic of Croatia, in particular the Civil Obligations Act.
Adris Nautic d.o.o. is not liable for the usage of equipment for water sports, diving masks with snorkels, fishing gear, SUP boar, surf board and other equipment for water sports.
The Buyer and/or crew use the equipment for water sports at their own risk.

The whole crew on board the vessel is insured in case of an accident, more details HERE – insurance policy.

The Buyer has the right to a full refund up to 24 hours after reservation.
24 hours after reservation Adris Nautic d.o.o. retains the full amount of reservation.

The deadline for filing a complaint is up to 8 days from the use of vessel and services.
In case of a request for justified reasons, the Buyer is obliged to make a written complaint to the Seller by e-mail to info@adrisnautic.hr or by registered post to: ADRIS NAUTIC D.O.O. with seat at TRG HRVATSKE BRATSKE ZAJEDNICE 2, 21000 SPLIT / CROATIA / EUROPE.
For faster determination of the reason of discontent, the Buyers are kindly requested to indicate in the complaint the number of reservation on the Voucher, account number or their username.

Adris Nautic d.o.o. will confirm the receipt of the complaint in writing or electronically without delay, and the reply in accordance with article 10, paragraph 5 of the Consumer Protection Act will be sent within 15 (fifteen) days from the day of receipt of the complaint.

On the basis of Special Regulation of the European Union dated 15 February 2016, it is be possible to resolve online shopping-related disputes via the ODR platform which you can access here.
This means that if you encounter a problem during online shopping within the EU, you can submit your complaint in a quicker and simpler way using this link HERE.
The platform can be used by consumers and traders, and the complaint can be filed in any of the 23 official languages of the EU.

Product photos are of illustrative nature and do not always match the locations and equipment that are the subject of reservation. The Seller specifically points out that the visual identity of the product shown in the photo does not have to match the look of the product in reality.
The case of the above discrepancy between the product shown on the photograph and the rented vessel and service does not constitute a defect of the product.

Information on the products (product description, price, etc.) shown on the web shop are subject to bugs, improper functioning of the application, other technical malfunctions, typographical errors etc. In the case of obvious errors or malfunctions regarding the product information displayed on the web shop, the Seller reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the contract.

The Seller is not liable to the Buyer i.e. crew for minor scratches on the products and damage caused by the use of the equipment, if the scratches or damage to the equipment, vessel and other minor faults do not affect the basic properties and usability of the product.

In the name of Adris Nautic web shop, we are committed to protecting the privacy of all our Buyers. We collect only the necessary, basic information on the Buyers/users.
All information on the users are confidential and available only to the employees who need them for their work. All Adris Nautic web shop employees and business partners are responsible for compliance with the privacy protection policy.

The Buyer assumes full responsibility for the stay.
The users assume responsibility for any damage resulting from their activities that are not in accordance with the foregoing, as well as for any other kind of damage that might result from them. Adris Nautic d.o.o. assumes no liability for the way the services of the company, publications and contents of its web site are used, and any part thereof cannot be considered sufficient basis for making medical, personal, financial or business decisions. FINAL PROVISIONS
By accepting these Terms and Conditions the Buyer agrees to their provisions and accepts that they form an integral part of the Contract.
By placing the order, the Buyer confirms that he/she has read these Terms and Conditions, agrees with them and that they form an integral part of the Purchase Contract.


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